The Pathway to 8K

Your Complete Online Programme to Build The Path to a Consistent £8,000 a month, every month. 

For Frustrated Business Owners who know they've got a special business, but feel like the best kept secret.


Step-By-Step System

Follow the proven 8 Strategies in this Programme to lay the pathway for your £8k recurring month.

Tools & Templates

All the tools and templates you need to create those all important foundations, with the guidance to make it happen.

Clarity & Focus

The Programme will leave you feeling completely clear and confident to succeed in just 2 weeks.

8 Simple and Rewarding Steps to £8k a month

With the right strategies and structure, a consistent £8,000 a month in turnover is so very achievable.

Simply follow our clever guide, and in just two weeks, you'll be thankful you started today.

Find out how to re-develop what you sell so it is highly scalable, know how to create marketing messages that get action, and where to place your marketing so that you increase leads.... and so much more.

Believe, Take Action & See Succees 

With small, consistent steps forward and the expert guidance within this programme, you will take leaps forward, paving your way towards your £8k a month goal, and laying those all-important foundations that will change the way you get leads and sales for your business.

As you work step-by-step, over two weeks, you'll have your goals and action plan nailed, taking strides with your core strategies, and a whole bunch of important ground work complete with our amazing tools and templates.

Clarity > Focus > Action > Results

Special Offer

The Pathway to £8k is brought to you by the experts at All Star Marketing Club, who have helped 1000s of businesses like you achieve exponential growth.

This package is worth £395 + vat as a face-to-face service, but we normally sell the online version at just £24.95 + vat.